This website has been set up as a demonstration site of the Avatar Graphic Services dynamic content management system. It highlights some of the primary functionality of the system and allows a visitor to log into the Admin Panel (id: demo pw:demo) to give the system a test drive.

We feel that the more popular CMS systems (Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla), while very robust and powerful, also have a steep learning curve, can be limiting in terms of design options, are not overly user-friendly and require a significant investment of time by the webmaster to learn and use. Our experience has been that they are not appropriate for most clients due to the technical understanding required.

With this in mind, over the past several years Avatar Graphic Services has developed a very user-friendly form of CMS that is somewhere between a full-blown dynamic system like Drupal and a purely static site. Our system is PHP/MySql based and through implementation of desired modules allows the webmaster to manage content through a user-friendly forms based administrative area. Functionality is limited to only that desired, thereby keeping the complexity of the system to only that required. Since it is a custom system, it can be readily tailored to the clients exact needs.
Messier List Free iPhone App by Avatar Graphic Services
The Messier List app features descriptions of all the Messier objects, Fun Facts, their positions in the sky, photos when available and also indicates if the object is currently visible. It also provides a handy checklist for amateur astronomers who wish to check off the Messier objects as they view them during their stargazing sessions.